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Links to Jamaica

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica www.mfaft.gov.jm
Jamaica Information Service www.jis.gov.jm
Jamaican Embassy, Beijing www.jamaicagov.cn

Jamaican Embassy, Berlin                                                  

Consulate General, Miami www.jamaicacgmiami.org
Jamaican Embassy, Tokyo www.jamaicaemb.jp
Consulate General, New York www.congenjamaica-ny.org
Jamaican High Commission, London www.jhcuk.com
Jamaican Embassy, Brussels www.jamaica-brussels.be
Jamaican High Commission, Ottawa www.jhcottawa.ca
Consulate General of Jamaica, Toronto www.congenjamaica-toronto.com
Jamaica High Commission, Pretoria www.jhcpretoria.co.za
Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations www.un.int/jamaica
Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the O.A.S www.embassyofjamaica.org/oas
Embassy of Jamaica, Washington DC www.embassyofjamaica.org
Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) www.jamaicatradeandinvest.org
Bank of Jamaica www.boj.org.jm
Planning Institute of Jamaica www.pioj.gov.jm
Access to Information www.ati.gov.jm
University of The West Indies www.uwimona.edu.jm
University of Technology (U-Tech) www.utech.edu.jm
HEART Trust – NTA www.heart-nta.org
Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) www.cmi.edu.jm

Jamaica Information Service                                                                  www.jis.gov.jm

Jamaican Embassy, Beijing                                                                                   www.jamaicagov.cn

Jamaican Embassy, Berlin                                                                                     www.jamador.de

Jamaican Embassy, Berlin                                                                                     www.jamador.de

Jamaican Embassy, Tokyo                                                                                     www.jamaicaemb.jp

Consul General of Jamaica, New York                                                                www.congenjamaica-ny.org

Jamaican High Commission, London                                                                   www.jhcuk.com

Jamaican Embassy, Brussels                                                                                 www.jamaica-brussels.be

Jamaican High Commission, Ottawa                                                                   www.jhcottawa.ca

Consulate General of Jamaica, Toronto                                                              www.congenjamaica-toronto.com

Jamaica High Commission, Pretoria                                                                    www.jhcpretoria.co.za

Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations                                    www.un.int/jamaica

Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the O.A.S                                                     www.embassyofjamaica.org/oas

Embassy of Jamaica, Washington DC                                                                 www.embassyofjamaica.org

Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)                                                     www.jamaicatradeandinvest.org

Bank of Jamaica                                                                                          www.boj.org.jm 

Planning Institute of Jamaica                                                                       www.pioj.gov.jm 

Access to Information                                                                                  www.ati.gov.jm 

University of The West Indies                                                                      www.uwimona.edu.jm 

University of Technology (U-Tech)                                                              www.utech.edu.jm

HEART Trust – NTA                                                                                    www.heart-nta.org

Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI)                                                             www.cmi.edu.jm

Contact Address

Jamaican High Commission
Plot 242 Muhammadu Buhari Way
Central Area District
Abuja, Nigeria

Telephone numbers - 09 291 3490 and 081 3606 3356

Email addresses – jamaicanembassy@yahoo.com and info@jhcnig.com

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